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Septic Pumping Spokane is one of the Best Septic Tank Services in the area and has been for over 20 years. We specialize in a wide range of septic services and have been family owned and operated since our beginning. Over the years we have seen all it with standard, conventional & aerobic septic systems. You can trust that our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in new septic system installations, septic pumping, and septic repairs. Septic Pumping Spokane is happy to work with homeowners for residential septic services along with local business owners for commercial septic services and emergency septic pumping. We are committed to providing the best service and our staff does its best to go above and beyond your expectations when it comes to cleanliness.

We operate 24/7 offering both prompt and reliable septic service. Our service area includes all of Spokane and the surrounding areas. Call us today if you need to schedule your septic service needs.

Septic Pumping Spokane
Septic Pumping
Septic Pumping

Septic Pumping

At Septic Pumping Spokane, our technicians are experts at identifying problems with your septic system. We take extra care ensuring that your septic tank all the way down to the end of your drain field is operating correctly. It’s important anytime you have a local septic tank pumping company out to the house to measure tank levels making sure they’re normal. We will provide our recommendation if we think the issues are because of abnormal tank levels. It is our goal to get your septic system home back up and running.

We are the most trusted partners of residents in Spokane, Washington and neighboring cities. We can provide for any of your septic tank needs.
Your septic tank system is designed to take all the wastewater along with the solid wastes from your home and recycle them into the ground. Trust us that you never want to experience raw sewage backing up into your home so it’s important that your septic system is properly cared for.

Believe it or not, if you’ve moved into a home with a septic tank, it’s a miniature sewage treatment facility. All water from your sinks, toilets, and showers must pass through your septic system. Septic systems get used when there is no city sewage connection. It’s very important to know your local septic service companies in the area.

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Homeowners need to understand that septic systems require maintenance. You don’t want to procrastinate and then have a problem. When it comes to your septic system the best defense is a good offence. We can’t stress it enough that consistent and regularly scheduled septic pumping is what will keep your system lasting decades! Septic tank pumping has several benefits your system absolutely needs.

Regular septic tank pumping avoids costly repairs and replacement – It can be over 10,000 to replace a septic system. We can think of a lot of other things to spend that kind of money on… Then a new sewer system.

Septic tank pumping will remove the sludge layer in your septic tank – Over time, your septic system collects solids and they will build up with time. Septic tanks are designed to handle and separate solids but we don’t want it filling up with them. Septic tank pumping removes the sludge from your septic tank so it will not exceed its recommended capacity.

Regular septic tank pumping improves overall performance of your septic system. When your septic tank is maintained, it helps the performance. We want to prevent the tank from ever reaching its limit allowing more space for your tank. The chance of septic tank failure is greatly increased when it’s not properly pumped out. We never want to cause these kinds of messy clean-ups and foul odors.

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Reliable Spokane Septic Service

We don’t want anything to happen to your system before it can be pumped out so here are some signs that you need to start calling septic tank pumping companies. We know that there are several of us around but call us if you are looking for the best septic pumping in Spokane.


When running properly, you will never notice your septic system. If you start to notice an odor (it’s an awful smell) then it’s a sign that you should get schedule a septic system pumping. You’ll want to call us immediately if you notice terrible odors coming from your drains. They could also be coming from your yard around the septic tank.

Pooling Water ​

Any homeowner should know that pooling water anywhere around the home is never a good sign. If you notice pooling water out by your drain field, or even worse, around your septic tank, you need to call a septic pumping company. Remember that all areas around your septic tank should remain free from any wastewater as long as the system is operating correctly.

Slow Drains​

Do your pipes make gurlging sounds? Have you noticed sink or bathtub taking a long time to drain? When you start to notice that any toilet or any drain is slowing down it is usually a sign that the septic tank needs to be pumped.​

Sewage Backup​

This one seems the most obvious, but the possible thing that can happen with a septic system... Raw sewage backing up into your home. If wastewater is backing up into your toilets, bathtubs, sinks or anywhere in your home, you have an emergency septic situation. Call Septic Pumping Spokane today thougha and we will get your septic system pumped out and avoid any costly backups.​

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If you own a home for the first time with a septic system, our septic professionals can come by to get you set up. If you are asking where you can find good Septic Pumping Companies Near Me, Septic Pumping Spokane offers flexible scheduling and the best customer service. Not all septic companies are the same and not all septic tanks are the same either. Homes with a larger septic tank won’t need septic service as often as a smaller one. The occupants in your household can affect the amount of time you have your between septic services too.

Having more people in your household equates to more frequent septic pumpings. These are important factors for determining your next septic tank cleaning so you don’t neglect your septic tank.

You get the best when you have Septic Pumping Spokane handle your septic services. We will handle everything so you don’t need to worry. Whether it’s a clog in the pipes, your septic system inlet baffle is clogged, or if you just need a regular ole septic pumping, our staff will get you scheduled asap. You shouldn’t waste time with other septic companies. Our customers are amazed by our award-winning service how well we do our job.

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Septic Pumping Spokane is your trusted local septic company. We have several decades of experience in the septic services industry. Our customers know that we put customer service first. Our team members are highly trained and go above and beyond the normal call of duty every service call.

Septic Pumping Spokane works with homeowners and business owners alike. Call us today for both residential and commercial septic pumping. If you don’t remember the last time your septic tank was cleaned… Then it’s time for your routine septic pumping. When it comes to huge expenses and your home, it’s better safe than sorry. There are so many times that a simple problem with a septic system is put off and turns into an expensive major repair. . If you want to avoid having septic problems of your own, contact Septic Pumping Spokane today.

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If you own a home and you’re not connected to the city sewer system, you need to know when your septic tank should be pumped. Like any other system in your home, it’s important that you maintain your septic system. Your septic system can run smoothly for decades with inexpensive and timely maintenance. Regular maintenance on your septic will save you thousands if you have to buy a new septic system.

A septic failure could result in catastrophic damage. Raw sewage can back up in your yard or even worse, your home. A simple call to us will prevent this from occurring. Call Septic Pumping Spokane today.

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Most people don’t get to choose if their home is connected to city sewer or has a septic system. You do get to choose which septic service professional will help you maintain the system and its components. We provide septic tank cleaning services in and around the Spokane WA area. Septic Pumping Spokane has some of the best and most experienced septic tank cleaning techs around.

The EPA recommends regular septic tank cleaning and pumping. They say every 3 – 5 years is good. We know that it depends on the type of septic system, the size of your tanks, and how many people live in your home. Regular septic cleaning will improve the functionality and lifespan of your septic system. Technicians will examine your septic tank, any baffles, drains, filters, and pipes during your septic tank cleaning. The tech should also examine the drain field to make sure it is functioning.

Septic Tank Pumping

To be safe, a rule of thumb on septic tank pumping is every 3-5 years. You always want to have an experienced septic service to perform the service. 3-5 years is the minimum and there are exceptions to this rule. Don’t wait if you are a new homeowner. You should schedule a septic tank pumping right after you move in IF an inspection and septic tank cleaning were not performed. Usually, this is part of the real estate closing process. Realtors are familiar with the process for homes that have septic tanks. If you are lucky the former homeowner will have detailed records of the septic system maintenance.

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Septic tanks (traditional anyways) are very simple. They operate on a few base principles. It starts with everything entering the tank. Second, everything will begin to separate. What we know as the scum layer or f.o.g. is all the lightweight particles. The fat, oil, and grease will float to the top. The heavy solids will settle at the bottom and form what is known as sludge. The sludge wil begin to build up and that is when you need your septic tank pumped. Ideally you never want more than 30% of your tank to be sludge. The water that is in the middle of your septic tank is called the effluent. This is not clean water, but it is the cleanest in your tank. That is the water that exits the tank and moves out to the drain field. If your tank doesn’t get pumped, the sludge can build up and either escape the tank with the effluent or block the exit completely. This can cause a huge and unpleasant backup, so it’s always best to schedule septic tank pumping earlier rather than later.

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