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Septic Service Near Me

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If your home is not connected to city sewer and you have a septic system, we know you know the best septic service near me. Many people talk about how much it is to own a septic system, but the reality is it can be much lower than paying for city sewer services. The difference is most people don’t take proper care of their septic system and get hit with a big repair or septic replacement that cost a significant amount of money. If homeowners follow a maintenance plan to keep their septic tank pumped out, cleaned, and operating at its best, they would find that it doesn’t cost much at all for a septic system.

When you make the choice to call Septic Pumping Spokane you will be greeted by the most capable septic service experts in our area. We will provide you with information quickly. Our friendly staff can help schedule your upcoming septic services with ease. It doesn’t matter the status of your septic system, choosing Septic Pumping Spokane will bring you the benefit of years of experience if you need a septic tank cleaning, repair, drainage or anything else. We also provide routine services to the city and provide you with year-round maintenance that will ensure that your system operates to its full potential regardless of the season. All it takes to keep your septic tank running for years to its full capacity is a few moments of your time.

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Septic Pumping

Septic Services Near Me

Traditional Septic Tanks require different maintenance than the newer aerobic septic systems. All conventional septic systems consist of two main parts: the tank where the solids settle down to the bottom and the drain field (also known as the leach field) where the water disperses.
Gravity forces drainage from the building into the septic tank and then into the drain field within a conventional septic system. Typically made of concrete, polyethylene, or fiberglass, the septic tank is an enclosed structure underground. Water remains there long enough to separate the materials.

The greases and oils that rise to the top are known as scum. The solids that sink to the bottom are known as sludge.   The solids in the tank are removed every few years by the septic pumping company and transported to the approved disposal site. 

The water n the middle of the tank know as effluent flows out to the drainage field. This field, which must be kept free from trees and shrubs so that their roots do not harm it, consists of perforated pipes or drainage tiles buried in trenches or laid on a gravel bed one to three feet below the surface. As the water flows out of the pipes, the soil and its microbes act as natural filters to clean the water. 

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Installing a traditional system usually costs between $5,000 and $10,000. But for every lot, it’s not an option.

Finding a septic service near me is important because septic systems need to be maintained. If you get your septic tank pumped every couple years it will likely last 30+ years. Septic Pumping Spokane has been doing this for a long time. We can help you with a plan to keep your septic service operating at its best. Your septic service company should be experienced and very knowledgeable.