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Septic Tank Pumping Companies

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Septic tank pumping is a very important service. There are several septic tank pumping companies in Spokane, but Septic Pumping Spokane should be your local septic contractor. With regular septic tank pumping you will prevent most major repairs with simple maintenance.

So how often should you get your septic tank pumped? What kind of process is that?
The septic tank pumping process is pretty straight forward. First, we need to find the tank. This can be harder than you would think but if you are familar with the tank’s location it makes it much easier. The septic pumping can begin when we get the septic tank lid removed.

Removing waste. Next we will start vacuuming out all the water and solids from the tank. This step is where may septic pumping companies try and make extra money. Some septic contractors will quote an extremely low price to get their truck out there. Then they charge extra for removing any solids. Don’t fall for this. Ask your septic company before they even come out if their septic pumping includes actually pumping all the solids. Once the tank is pumped we rinse it out with water to make sure it’s clean and pump that out as well.

Septic Tank Inspection. Septic Pumping Spokane will inspect your tank while it is freshly cleaned. This gives us the chance to check for any structural damage or surface effluent. You want to make that when you call around different septic tank pumping companies that you ask them if the pump, clean, and inspect the tank. You don’t want someone showing up and charging extra for what should be included.

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Spokane Septic Tank Pumping Companies

It is advisable to have the tank pumped every 2-3 years. Most Spokane septic pumping companies agree on this. If you let your septic tank leak, this can lead to significant issues that may require replacement (a cost of between $7,500 and $15,000). It may be time for septic tank pumping if you find pools of water around the house, slow draining sinks and toilets, or repeated foul odors.

What should I be looking for next to me in a contractor?
Here are questions to ask your septic tank pumping company before you hire a professional for this service.

What specific steps your septic cleaning service includes?
Do you charge an hour or a fixed cost?
Where are the waste collected for disposal?
What if after cleaning process I experience problems?
Such questions will make it easier to estimate the cost of cleaning the septic tank and whether the contractor will be a good pick for the job.

Septic Tank Pumping Companies Spokane WA

When talking to septic tank pumping companies in Spokane WA, you want to look for an experienced team. You’ll want to call around and ask plenty of questions about their services. Remember that your septic system is one of the most expensive systems in your home. You want to have qualified people ensuring that your home runs correctly. Here are a couple common questions you can ask:

How much does septic system pumping cost?
How many gallons do you pump for that price?
Does that cost include digging to reveal the septic tank lid?
Do you charge extra for dumping fees?
Is anything else needed with septic system pumping?
Is there a savings for inspection or servicing at the same time?
How many feet of hose is on the truck?
Is pumping the pump tank part of a regular service?

Septic Pumping Spokane will gladly answer any or all of these questions for you. We have been septic tank pumping for over 20 years. Everyone on our team is highly qualified to answer any of these septic service questions. The main things to look for in septic tank pumping companies Spokane WA is are they local, family owned, and going to do a good job.

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